Shopping Online

Customers can place orders directly in the showroom, on the phone or on the website online:


Step 1: Select the items you are interested to view product information, pricing, accessories, warranty conditions ...

Step 2: When you want to buy the empty spaces on the "Order", the system takes the selected item to the cart. You can select "Continue Shopping" to return to the product list to add other products, or adjust quantities for the selected products.

Step 3: Once you've selected a sufficient number of rows click "Checkout". Fill in the necessary information to our customers' contact facilities, please type the exact and marked.

Step 4: Click "Finish" to send orders, immediately after receiving the information of the customer, we will contact the customer by phone or email to confirm the order.

Note: Please pay 100% of the order value and shipping costs (if any), new NanaKids expedite delivery to customers.


- For customers shopping in the showroom,customers please pay 100% of the order value (applies to consignees of the day)

- For customers receive the following furniture, please deposit a minimum of 500,000 VND.

- For customers require delivery in other provinces outside the scope of free delivery, customers please pay 100% of the order value and shipping costs (if any).

- For customers holding deposit is available, NanaKids will hold the goods to customers within 30 days, after 30 days, customers must pay the remaining amount if not NanaKids will take hold and sell goods for guests Other products are in demand. Client deposits would lose their deposit share as calculated in holding storage charges.

- For customers who have paid 100% of the order but do not want to receive the goods because of a certain reason, NanaKids will hold inventory to customers within 60 days. Cook after 60 days, customers have yet to pick up goods, have the right to retrieve merchandise NanaKids of customers to sell to other customers in need. Customers have paid would have to wait until next session if the warehouse goods out of stock or transferred to another line with a value equal to or higher than the old orders or will suffer loss of the entire amount paid is complete without taking row after row 60 days.