1. Quality Warranty:
- Warranty 1 year interior wood products from the delivery date for the product technical fault, the fault of the manufacturer.
NanaKids not responsible for warranty in the following cases:

  • Improper product use manuals of the manufacturer or inconsistent with the product functionality.
  • Normal wear and tear due to use.
  • Using chemicals to cleanse products.
  • Is the distortion due to the external environment abnormal (the humidity is too high or too low, termites, impact of heating appliances, electrical)
  • Customers change their texture and color of the product.
  • Products without warranty.


  • No warranty applies error scratches, cracking paint for discounters.
  • Warranty program does not include shipping products to customers outside Ho chi minh city.
  • Shipping charges apply for some areas not covered Ho Chi Minh city free warranty.
  • Please keep the product in dry and clear, clean, avoid direct sunlight on the product

2. Warranty credibility:

With product warranty has expired or the problem is not listed in the "Warranty Quality", NanaKids always ready to provide the best solution to support customers with any problems arising with Credit Warranty liability, any questions you would be resolved.


1. To receive warranty claim:

Time: weekdays from Monday to Friday (morning 8:00 to 12:00, afternoon from 13:00 to 17:00)
Hotline: 0976 622 833

Or you can contact the store directly purchase to receive information. NanaKids will feedback of customer issues within 5 - 7 business days after receiving information from customers (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays as prescribed by the State).

2. Check the status of the goods:
After receiving the warranty claim, the warranty department of NanaKids will ask customers return the product image are experiencing problems to the preliminary examination or to direct the customer to consider the status of goods if current problems can not be sent through the customer image.

3. Product Warranty:
After reviewing actual or pictures, describe the problem from the customer, the warranty department of NanaKids will guide customers to specific warranty processes.

  • For customers in Ho Chi Minh city:

- Incident simple: Staff appointment NanaKids directly to fix the product at home.
- For damaged products need technical support: Staff warranty appointment will take products at factory warranty (Free shipping if the product in terms of quality warranty).
- For matters beyond the scope of free warranty or product warranty expires, NanaKids will quote on notice to customers.

  • For customers in other provinces:

- Please send the product directly on the NanaKids under the guidance of staff of warranty.
- NanaKids will charge shipping if the customer requests directly to the warranty beyond the scope stipulated warranty.