What is New Zealand pine wood? Using New Zealand wood in children's furniture.

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 What is New Zealand pine wood? Using New Zealand wood in children's furniture.

What is New Zealand pine wood? Using New Zealand wood in children's furniture.

Everyone knows that Christmas trees are often decorated at Christmas. But few people know that, in addition to being used as decorations for Christmas holidays, pine wood, especially New Zealand wood, has numerous other applications, especially used as product baby’s furniture.

What is New Zealand pine wood?

As a pinewood grown in New Zealand in the northern hemisphere, because of the quality and aesthetics, as well as the relatively stable life of pine wood, the price of imported New Zealand timber is relatively high compared to other types of wood.

Compared with Vietnamese pine wood, New Zealand pine wood has a stronger durability, moreover, the outer structure of wood has a lot more aesthetic. This is explained by the appropriate living environment in the cold country to help the Northern Hemisphere pine tree have a comprehensive development.

Advantages of New Zealand pine wood:

The first advantage of New Zealand pine wood is that the log is round, evenly, without wood or wooden eyes. Because of that particular advantage, it is easier for New Zealand pine logging to be exploited, the operators do not need to be too hard to exploit other types of timber.

A further advantage not to be overlooked is the beautiful pine wood surface, extremely durable, solid wood grain, relatively high life expectancy.

Compared to other types of wood, pine wood has a lighter weight, suitable for import and export processes, transporting from one country to another.

Pine wood has high application in assembly furniture production, suitable for use in high-rise apartment buildings, narrow street houses.


Application of New Zealand pine wood in children's furniture production.

New Zealand pine wood is exploited to meet different needs, especially for baby furniture production thanks to the extremely safe characteristics and properties for babies listed below:

  • Wood is lighter in weight than regular wood, so if producers use pine wood in the production of children's desks, they can help mothers move and clean without any problems. any difficulty.
  • Smooth, non-thorny wooden surfaces, jagged nails, ensuring maximum safety for children's skin.
  • In particular, pine wood is effective in chasing insects, chasing mosquitoes, louse, bed bugs, Mum gives me a crib, cribs made from high-class pine wood will not worry about burning problems on young body.
  • With smooth surface, interior products from pine wood are easy to clean and clean.

In particular, pine wood is a fast growing tree and its ability to provide continuous wood, long life of up to nearly 20 years, use home furniture made from pine wood is contributing to protection and preserving the ecological environment.


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